Safeguard your brand

Sentryc’s automated technology enables you to scan the web for your brand’s pictures, logos, campaign images and products as well as monitor online marketplaces to discover and stop improper use of your assets.



What Sentryc offers

Corporate Identity Compliance

  • Ensure the correct usage of your logo
  • Ensure use of most recent product & campaign images
  • Detect damaging websites

Partner Compliance

  • Ensure product distribution by licensed retailers
  • Control product prices and geographic restrictions
  • Ensure distribution of the correct products

Platform Surveillance

eBay, Amazon, Alibaba
  • Detect unlicensed retailers
  • Surveil re-sellers
  • Find imitations & replicas

Protect your corporate identity

of all businesses become victims of forgery several times per year
average annual turnover is lost to piracy of the affected businesses’
of all brand images on the web don't comply with the brands identity
of all trademark infringement cases lead to revenue loss & damage to reputation

Scan. Seek. Secure.

  • Ensure compliance

    Make sure your brand’s identity is being used correctly on the web

  • Regulate retailers

    Keep a watch on online retailers and how they display your products

  • Monitor online marketplaces

    Never miss what’s going on with your products on eBay, Amazon and Alibaba

Sentryc Scan

Sentryc Scan offers an innovative and fully automated technology that allows you to scan the web for your photos, logos and campaign images.

Sentryc Seek

With Sentryc Scan’s you can monitor your products on online marketplaces and use our one-click-takedown feature to remove falsified products.